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It's great to see you here at Satyam Shivam Sunderm Jyotish Sansthan on web , this site is dedicated to Indian Astro Sciences and other Vedic Sciences, and has been aimed to spread these Sciences to each and every corner of the world.

Satyam Shivam Sunderm Jyotish Sansthan promotes these Supernatural science to the world to serve the Human Race and for its Benefit.

I am an Indian Astrologer, Dr. Sushil Kumar Jha from Delhi professional astrologer and practicing in Indian Vedic Astrology as well as Astro Vashtu, the Vedic Architecture Science, since last 20 years.

Vedic Astrology is richer and more accurate then all other systems especially for the predictions of events with time frame. This is not only tell us, what is going to happen in our life but also when it will happen.

It happens KARMIC, SPIRITUAL and MATERIALISTIC aspects of one's entire life with the timimg of events along with remedial tools.



Dr. Pt. S.K. Jha

(Astrological Researcher & Thinker)

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Dr. Pt. S.K. Jha
Astrological Researcher & Thinker
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